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Ubtan is a mixture of sandalwood powder, haldi (turmeric), besan milk & milk cream. We all know about it. It’s our forefather skin care tip. It has been used especially by “brides”. They start applying ubton some months before their wedding.

Ubtan is a Hindi name for any kind of beauty mask/pack. Please understand people, it’s not a name for anything particular, but it means a mixture of home made things which make you beautiful. In earlier days turmeric was used widely hence most of beauty masks had yellow color and all of them have different ingredients and different properties.

It is just a name, some of the very old recipes for masks are still called ubtan. So if you have any recipe which uses turmeric/ chickpea flour and it is very old that can be called ubtan.

Ubtan is mostly applied on face, left till dried and then gently removed with fingers moving in circular motion.

We have 3 Different Size of Range for Ubtan:-

1- Ubtan Jar (Big ) Rs.1500/-

2- Ubtan Jar ( Small) Rs.750/-


** Mix into Rose Water & Apply on Face (for Oily Skin)

** Mix into Yogurt & Apply on Face (for Dry Skin)


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